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The AITPM encourages members to engage to share successes, challenges, deepen the technical discourse, provide constructive feedback, bring questions, and provide perspective in all manners related to transport planning and traffic management.  Members are asked to agree to follow the rules and posting tips to provide all members an open space to discuss issues and topics related to transport planning and traffic management. This online community is a great medium with which to solicit the advice of your peers, benefit from their experience, and participate in an ongoing conversation.

General questions about the AITPM should be directed to: Contact Us.


  • OCS 2021 Tips, tricks and FAQs

    Getting set for OCS 2021:

    To make sure you're ready for conference when it kicks off on Monday 6, we recommend working through the following checklist:

    1. Ensure you know how to login to Interchange - the home of OCS 2021. (See FAQ below if you don't know your login details)
    2. Bookmark the Interchange link in your preferred browser.
    3. Once logged in, navigate to the 2021 Online Conference Series using the link that will appear in the menu once you've logged in. 
    4. Once you click on this menu header, you'll find yourself in the OCS 2021 forum portal. Here you can find a sub menu, giving you access to:
    • Latest discussion posts
    • Announcements
    • Event links
    • Resources
    • Conference delegate directory

    Tips for getting the most out of conference:

    To make sure you're ready to maximise your conference registration, we recommend you:

    1. Download or bookmark the conference Program At A Glance and decide which events you want to attend live and / or watch later
    2. Navigate to the OCS 2021 forum portal events section and pre-register for all events you want to attend. Pre-registration will generate calendar appointment downloads so you can be sure not to miss any events
    3. Review the pre-recorded presentations for any session - these can be found in the Resources section of the OCS 2021 forum portal and will generally be accessible at least one week prior to the live Q&A session.
    4. Post questions or comments on the discussion board for speakers and / or delegates - these can be posted before or after the events.
    5. Revisit any sessions you missed or want to watch again by watching the recorded sessions, found in the Resources section of the OCS 2021 forum portal. 


    What is the Online Conference Series?

    In place of our physical conference, we have devised a comprehensive six-week 'conference-on-demand' that offers over 50 hours of interactive content.

    Commencing with our Keynote Panel session on Monday 6 September, we have a 6-week program of daily online content (mostly held during the AEST lunchtime).  Structured in four main streams of Place, Transport Planning, Traffic Engineering, and Modelling, the program includes a mix of live keynote presentations and panel discussions, on demand recorded technical presentations, and live technical Q&A sessions.  All live content will also be recorded for later viewing. 

    How does the Online Conference Series work?

    Registered delegates are given exclusive access to Interchange - AITPM's online discussion forum. Here they can engage in conversation with presenters and other delegates; watch pre-recorded presentations; register to attend up to 24 live online events or watch recordings of any events that they could not attend live. 

    The 90 minute Panel sessions will be held as Zoom Webinars where our panelists will each deliver a short presentation followed by combined, extended Q&A. You can join these sessions without the need for a camera or microphone and will be able to interact with speakers and other delegates via the typed Chat and Q&A functions within Zoom.

    The Q&A sessions are designed as interactive follow up sessions to the pre-recorded presentations.  Each sessions' presentations will be uploaded to Interchange at least one week in advance for you to view in your own time.  You can then post questions and comments for the presenters and other delegates within Interchange and also join the live Q&A event or that session to ask your questions in person.

    What platforms will be used?

    Pre and post event discussions and all recordings will be hosted on Interchange while our live Panel and Q&A sessions will be held on Zoom. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the Online Conference Series 2021 Community on Interchange so you can view them afterwards if you miss a session or are unable to use Zoom.

    How do I access the Online Conference Series?

    Access to the OCS is via our online platform, Interchange.  Individuals will log into the platform to access the Online Conference Series 2021 Community where all the content and links will be posted. Existing AITPM members will already have access, non-members and subscribers without company designated access will be issued with log in details.  Only registered delegates will have access to the Online Conference Series 2021 Community.

    What are my login details for Interchange?

    Your login is the email address on which you've received this email.  If you do not know your password, you can request a reset once you have entered your email address.

    I'm logged in to Interchange - what now?

    As a registered delegate, once you've logged in to Interchange, you should see a menu heading '2021 Online Conference Series'.  Click here to get access to the discussion boards, events and resources.  If you cannot see this menu header, please contact conference@aitpm.com.au to check your registration status.

    How do I get access to the Zoom links for events?

    When you login to the Online Conference Series 2021 Community on Interchange you will have access to the event calendar for the series and each of the individual live sessions.  Simply choose which sessions you wish to participate in and follow the links to complete your session registration.  More instructions will be available on the community page.    

    Where can I find the full program?

    Once you are logged in to Interchange, you can find the program on the main home page as well as the Online Conference Series home page.

    Where do I find the pre-recorded presentations for each session?

    Once you have logged in to Interchangeuse the 2021 OCS header to access the OCS forum portal,  once there, you will see a link for Resources.  Click here to access all pre-recorded presentations that will be grouped by session. Pre-recorded resources will generally be available at least one week prior to the live Q&A.

    Can I share my registration within my team?

    Online Conference Series registrations are linked to an individual and only allow for one person to access Interchange, our online platform,  where all the recorded presentations, discussions, and the login details for each live session is accessed. Access is not able to be shared as it is an individual person’s login (email and password). 

    How long is the content available for?

    AITPM individual members that registered for the OCS21 will have access to all OCS material for as long as they remain an AITPM member.  Non-members, Corporate Subscribers, Local Government Subscribers and Sponsor delegates (who aren’t individual members) will be able to log in and access the online content for 12 months - until 14 October 2022.

    Still have questions? Please contact conference@aitpm.com.au

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