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The AITPM encourages members to engage to share successes, challenges, deepen the technical discourse, provide constructive feedback, bring questions, and provide perspective in all manners related to transport planning and traffic management.  Members are asked to agree to follow the rules and posting tips to provide all members an open space to discuss issues and topics related to transport planning and traffic management. This online community is a great medium with which to solicit the advice of your peers, benefit from their experience, and participate in an ongoing conversation.

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  • Conference Program Unveiled

    This year’s Conference is our first chance in three years to come together as an industry. And it’s a Conference that will help shape the conversations that define the future of our transport world. 

    In a change from previous events, the conference will move away from technically focused show-and-tells, to a format that encourages cross-practice conversations and lively debate. 

    Come to Conference to hear expert speakers, join conservations, renew relationships with colleagues and peers – and make new connections. 

    ‘Reshaping Mobility’ — interactive panels and lively conversations

    Conference will focus on three themes under the umbrella title ‘Reshaping Mobility’, supported by our Theme Champions:

    The structure of our program and many of our speakers have now been confirmed. 

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